1.1. PROFOR sells security solutions, signaling and electrical accessories, increasing its business through the internal and external expansion of its partner network.

1.2. The object of supply is conditioned by the order confirmation by Profor or, failing this, by the customer's order form. Any changes, additions or total or partial cancellations of orders will only be valid after acceptance by Profor in writing.


2.1. The sales prices indicated are for the material at Profor's premises (unless we expressly state otherwise), whatever your destination, net of VAT, which will be invoiced at the rate in force on the date of delivery.

2.2. Whenever there are changes in prices, the new values ​​will apply to all orders pending delivery at the effective date of the change of your change. If the customer does not accept the new price, he can cancel the new order, notifying Profor in writing, within a maximum period of 8 days from the date of notice of the price change. After this period, it is understood that it gives its full agreement to the new conditions.

2.3. In the case of orders for materials on request or for which the price has not been previously agreed, our prices will be valid on the date of delivery.

2.4. The shipment and transport of the goods always take place at the customer's risk and expense, even when requested by him, Profor coordinates the respective shipment. Transport charges will be added to the overall sales price, unless otherwise agreed.

2.5. In case of loss, damage or damage to the goods, or even in case of delay in delivery, it is up to the customer (or recipient) to describe, in detail, the general condition of the goods at the time of receipt and, as well as , the basis for any eventual reservation in the respective transport document. In the event of omission or insufficiency of this description, Profor will not be held responsible for any losses reported after receipt of the goods, without prejudice to the 24-hour period granted to the Client to, after receipt of the goods, inform Profor of any anomaly that may be detected.

2.6. Only and when previously and individually agreed, on a case-by-case basis with the customer, the conditions of transport and place of delivery may be different from those mentioned here.

2.7. The customer can also choose to pick it up in the warehouse, in this case, the pickup should always be done in the warehouse at the headquarters.

2.8. Prices can vary between purchase over the counter, purchase through the website and price per order. Due to the resources used for each operation, it involves different costs.

2.9. Only and when previously and individually agreed, case by case with the customer, the shipping cost may vary depending on the delivery location.


3.1. The technical descriptions, drawings, photographs, images and other indications contained in the catalogs, prices and technical / commercial leaflets are for information purposes only, always prevailing the prices in force on the date of supply. Profor reserves the right to modify or change them without prior notice, without these changes causing modifications to the commercial contracts and orders in progress or pending delivery.

3.2. Any conditionality to the order, demanded or claimed by the customer, that does not fit the general conditions of sale, or in the particular conditions of each product, will be considered null and without any effect, unless written confirmation by Profor.

3.3. Profor reserves the right to cancel (without any responsibility) orders pending delivery, when the customer has not fully or partially fulfilled previous contracts or payments.


4.1. The delivery times requested by the customer are considered as indicative and subject to confirmation when requested. Profor cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from delivery delays or any type of penalties, unless these are duly indicated in the contract.

4.2. The delivery period can only be considered from the date of clarification of all technical and / or commercial conditions, of the delivery by the customer of all the elements necessary for the execution of the order and after the advance payment has been made, when it has been awake.

4.3. The delivery and / or supply deadline is deemed to have been met, provided that the customer is informed that the goods are ready to be shipped, or if the goods leave our warehouses within the foreseen period.

4.4. Profor reserves the right to make partial deliveries and to make them separately to the customer, unless previously and expressly stated otherwise.

4.5. Failure to meet the delivery deadline that gives rise to a customer complaint will cause Profor to provide the respective analysis for treatment and subsequent corrective action.

4.6. Delivery times are considered extended for justified reasons or for reasons of force majeure, namely due to difficulties in the acquisition, transport or import of goods and in general for reasons beyond the control or foresight of Profor or the manufacturer represented, so any delays resulting therefrom will not constitute a just cause for the cancellation of orders by the customer.


5.1. As long as no other supply conditions are agreed, our invoices are paid in cash. Payment must be made by bank transfer and / or ATM payment.

5.2. Credit supply presupposes Profor's analysis and agreement, regarding the terms, amount and payment term to be agreed in writing.

5.3. Profor reserves the right to charge interest on late payments, pursuant to paragraph 3 of article 102 of the Commercial Code.

5.4. If the payment conditions are not fully complied with, the commercial discounts considered have no effect.

5.5. When the customer anticipates the payment in relation to the previously agreed terms, he will benefit from a discount of 3% if the payment is made in cash and a discount of 2% if the payment is made within 30 days of the invoice date.

5.6. Profor reserves the right, at any time, to cancel supplies, namely in cases where the credit limits, amount or terms are exceeded. These limits and criteria are established solely by Profor, without having to justify them.

5.7. The goods supplied are the property of Profor until full payment of them (art. 409 of the Civil Code), the client being vested with the responsibility of a faithful depositary of the material provided by Profor until the full fulfillment of the contractual obligations he assumed.


6.1. Only claims for manufacturing defects in the equipment supplied and for the period indicated in the product warranty will be accepted, provided that they have been used under normal conditions and for the purposes for which they were designed, are correctly installed in accordance with the standards in force. and instructions in the installation manual and have been used within the characteristics expressly indicated in the WARRANTY certificate accompanying each product.

6.2. Unless the defect is obvious and visible, Profor will only accept the complaint definitively (by changing the equipment or issuing the respective credit note) after a period of up to two weeks, counting from the date of the complaint, for verification and confirmation of the claimed defect.

6.3. Any other complaints can only be considered valid when duly substantiated and presented within fifteen days from the date of delivery of the equipment.


7.1. Any commercial or quantity discount, abseiling, or additional bonus granted on list prices, is always conditioned to what was previously agreed by Profor, and to the full fulfillment of the individually contracted conditions.

7.2. In the event of total or partial non-compliance with the aforementioned contractual conditions, non-payment or late payment, Profor reserves the right to cancel all bonuses, discounts or abseiling.


8.1. Returns will only be accepted after prior agreement with Profor and on condition that the return of equipment and or goods is made in good condition and packaged in its original packaging. In these cases, Profor will depreciate an amount corresponding to 10% of the value of the initial sale, to cover any expenses incurred, such as: transportation, reception, inspection, etc.


9.1 In the event of a dispute, it is stated that the competent court will be that of the Lisbon District, with express waiver of any other.



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