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Exclusive Distributor of Transformers Without Transformator Inc
To strengthen our position as a Key Player in the Power Supply market, PROFOR is proud to present a...
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About Us

PROFOR - Safety, Signaling and Electrical Accessories, was born in the 70's through the pioneering vision of Eng. Costa Martins, when introducing in the national market the electrical protection products suitable for voltage works. The years that followed proved the know-how as an asset, being PROFOR today, a differentiated playrer in the market. The rapid growth in the national market has led to an expansion of its business area for industrial protection, vertical signage.

In the second generation, the new leadership, demonstrated an excellent capacity to innovate and kept the business prosperous, with an innovative and international vision, having also constituted the company PROPEMI, LDA, horizontal signage company, complementary to PROFOR.

Thus, from 2000 to the present day, PROFOR has not only developed its own brand for a wide variety of products, it has launched itself in the manufacture of uniforms, but it has opened its export department, it has launched an online sales website. line and built new facilities suitable for its strong growth.

The company's activity was developed in the field of equipment for Safety and Prevention of accidents at work, specializing in the prevention of electrical risks, in the production, transport and distribution networks of electricity, having later started production emergency signs and in the 2000s, the production of road signs, being today a national and international player, with a production of more than 35,000 road signs annually.

During its expansion, PROFOR was able to develop and cement a very strong network of key Partnerships with Hubbell Power Systems, ToWorkFor, WorkITalia, Honeywell, tubesca, Umek, Zeck, etc. in addition to ensuring a consolidated relationship with customers of high importance in the market such as Siemens, PT, EDP, REN, Leroy Merlin, AKI, Acciona, Vincci, ANA airports, Volkswagen, etc.

As training and technical assistance are essential for the fulfillment of customers, PROFOR has a quality department with permanent staff, which ensures continuous improvement so that a complaint is not a problem, but an opportunity to improve the service provided.

PROFOR'S MISSION is the satisfaction of customers and employees, promoting innovative solutions with competitive advantage.

In this way, PROFOR guarantees that it can move towards its Vision of promoting a safer future, through quality solutions, valuing human life.

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Because we value people, we like to generate mutual trust and esteem.

We take environmental responsibility and strive daily to minimize our ecological footprint.

We assume to fulfill all commitments in a timely manner.

Where are we

PROFOR is a 100% national company with projects and customers around the world, contributing to greater security and determining the growth and expansion of your business.

Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Ghana, Togo, São Tomé and Príncipe, Mozambique, Morocco, Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil, Algeria.

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Long-lasting and Healthy Partnerships

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