3-Fold “Tuoren” Type IIr Surgical Mask

Sold in box of 30 or 50 units

3-Fold “Tuoren”

Quantity :

Three layer mask designed with good filtering and blocking effect.


Easy to adjust


Easy to breathe



Technical Features:

Surgical masks: are tested from the inside to the outside, that is, in the direction of expiration. The tests take into account the efficiency of bacterial filtration.

The Tuoren surgical mask is a type IIR mask:

Type II, masks with a bacterial filtration efficiency level greater than 98%.

Type R: the European standard also includes a splash resistance test, according to which masks are classified as IR or IIR, with type IIR being the most resistant


The Tuoren surgical mask is classified as type IIR according to the standard EN 14683: 2019.

How many masks should I have at my company?

It is recommended to provide at least 2 masks per person per day (2 masks X 5 working days X 10 weeks)

 What is the number of employees?  10  50  100  500  1 000
 Our recommendation  1 000 masks  5 000 masks  10 000 masks  50 000 masks  100 000 masks
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