Rail's Reflector With Led And Solar Energy


It provides a visibility of more than 800 meters for drivers at night and during bad weather conditions. You have the option of flashing or steady light.

It contains a magnet in the upper area with the function of stopping lighting when there is good light and at the same time conserves more energy, making it profitable.

It does not require any external power supply, containing long-life, long-capacity rechargeable batteries.

With easy installation, without the need for installation by an electrical engineer and practically maintenance-free, this product uses solar energy to reduce CO2 emissions and save money.

  • Solar cell: Crystalline silicon (2.5V, 320mA)
  • Light material: PP and anti-UV
  • Light source: Super Brightness LED * 1 pcs / 3 pcs
  • Light mode: Flashing or steady
  • Storage component: 1200mA Ni-Mh
  • Working time: 24 hours in constant type; 108 hours when in flashing mode, since the battery is full.
  • Working temperature: -25C to + 75C
  • IP Grade: IP> 67
  • Visible distance: Higher than 800 meters
  • Lifetime: Higher than 5 years (Ni-Mh battery)
  • Over 15 years
  • Product size: 241 x 113 x 88mm
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