Sandália Moose Toworkfor S1P
  • Sandália Moose Toworkfor S1P
  • Sandália Moose Toworkfor S1P

Moose Toworkfor S1P Sandal

Sandália Moose Toworkfor S1P

Moose Toworkfor

Size :
  • Black Microfiber, Innovative material composed of polyester fibers, water resistant and highly durable. It allows natural breathing while still being an animal friendly material.
  • Poromax lining an innovative technology that, due to a special structure of the internal chambers, removes hot and humid air over the upper part of the shoe and facilitates uniform temperature distribution.
  • Aluminum, toe cap.
  • Q-Flex, non-metallic insole, flexible and anti-static, resistant to puncture. Thermally insulating.
  • Plant COMFORT with anti-static points. Ensures greater comfort and stability of the foot. Washable and removable.
  • Ultra Flat sole with two TPU layers.
  • With a micro geometric hexagon trail, it ensures full contact with the ground. Excellent anti-slip characteristics - SRC. The round heel transfers the force of the heel impact in energy to the foot lift.
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