Toworkfor Kansas S3 Boot


Size :
  • Premium Nubuck Black Leather with excellent resistance to water, oil and oils.
  • Mesh Space 3D lining in mesh fabric for excellent breathability.
  • CarbonLight, polycarbonate toecap.
  • Q-Flex, non-metallic insole, flexible and anti-static, resistant to puncture. It is thermally insulating.
  • Comfort planting with anti-static points. Ensures greater comfort and stability of the foot. Washable and removable.
  • Non-Metallic Safety Boot.
  • Two-layer sole: PU / Nitrile.
  • Soft polyurethane midsole, which guarantees an excellent return of impact energy, softness and comfort for prolonged use.
  • The Nitrile Rubber sole track has good tread depth and provides good adhesion to the surface, both on ceramic floors, as well as wet steel and irregular industrial floors.
  • Protects against high temperatures up to 300 ° C
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