WallboxOk Pole 3 Outlet

WallboxOk Pole

Power Plug :

The Pole is a semi-fast electric vehicle charger up to 22 KW.

An ideal solution for recharging electric vehicles on public roads, public and private institutions and power stations.

The equipment has an AC charger with type 2 output sockets (IEC 62196-2), Mennekes and, optionally, CEE 7/4 socket (Schuko).

High quality materials, stainless steel body, ideal for outdoor use due to its robustness and anti-vandalism design. Incorporates protections inside. Backlighting of the state of charge through visual indicators. Reload management through the WallboxOk Cloud platform (optional). Possibility to sell the energy supplied through the Charge & Pay application, using the OCPP protocol.


  • Semi-fast charge up to 22kW per trip.
  • Variable reload speed (6-32A).
  • Possibility of 1 to 3 connectors. Backlight of recharge status. See the
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Robust and anti-vandal.
  • Customizable front screen
  • Internal internal protections for greater reinforcement of the system.


  • Very low noise level, practically imperceptible.
  • Easy and economical maintenance, through its easily accessible rear door.
  • Possibility to select from 1 connector to 3 connectors.
  • Variable speed at each shot With a viewfinder, you can select the speed of each shot independently
  • Front screen with colorful and customizable logo.
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