Prosafe Isolated Scaffolding


Height :
  • Suitable for large work areas (1.45m wide frames).
  • PROSAFE is the ideal scaffold for use in areas classified as Zone 1, where the risks of explosion reach high levels.
  • In Oil Refineries, Electrical Installations and Chemical Production, equipment manufactured in Fiberglass or GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) is required.
  • It is worth highlighting the importance of this equipment in places where hygiene requirements are high: Food Industry and cutting-edge technology manufacturing

Product certified by an independent entity, according to Standard EN 1004 and EN 1298.


  • Maximum working height of 8.0 m outdoors and 12.0 m indoors
  • 2-length platforms - 2.0 and 2.5m
  • Maximum load per platform of 226 kg
  • Maximum load per tower of 725 kg without stabilizers or 1360 kg with stabilizers
  • Ø 127 or Ø 200mm brake castors
  • Tubes Ø 50 mm and 2.0 mm thick. Reinforced nylon connection elements
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