Reglex Stainless Steel - 2m
  • Reglex Stainless Steel - 2m

Reglex Stainless Steel 2m

With a length of 2m perfect for work at height, this stainless steel Reglex allows you to facilitate your fall protection and also contains a protective tube as well as two connectors.

Reglex Stainless Steel - 2m


Colour :

This cable with two carabiners is perfect for fall protection. This carabiner for anchoring allows a very safe work at height.

This Reglex resists high temperatures and also low temperatures from -30 °C to +50 °C.





⚠️ Length: 2 m;

⚠️ Weight: 1.38 Kg;

⚠️ Breaking strength: > 1500 daN;

⚠️ Connector: Double door display - Material: light alloy; Opening: 19mm; Breaking strength: > 2200 daN;

⚠️ Connector: Screw Carabiner - Material: Galvanized; Opening: 18mm; Breaking strength: > 2500 daN.

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