Tripod Durahoist 3Pod Aluminum


DuraHoist 3Pod aluminum tripod for rescue in confined space Miller by Honeywell The Tripod solution adapted for all work situations in confined spaces, easy to transport and quick to install. Adapts to mouths with dimensions of 1m, 1m50 to 2m50. Tested for 2 people (maximum 140 kg each).


  • Material: aluminum
  • 4 anchor points.
  • Skid lining: rubber part with reinforcement (threaded). Deployment pins on the legs with metal fixing tape. Adjusting the length of the legs: 4 positions every 25 cm with laser marking.
  • Exclusive opening and fixing mechanism located at the level of the tripod head: Simultaneous opening of the legs with a single button that holds them together
  • 3 opening angles / opening measurements (circle diameter): 1.40 m - 1.80 m - 2.90 m
  • Length of legs unfolded to the maximum: 2.30 m (mini) 2.20 m (average) 2.00 m (maxi) Dimension ua once retracted for transport: 1.45 m high Red ribbon around the legs: only at maximum opening (manhole of 2.5 m).
  • Adjusting the legs with: Locking system for maximum leg sliding. Visual marking of holes for quick adjustment of the height of the legs.
  • Breaking strength: 12 KN
  • Weight 16.5 kg
  • Simple and quick attachment of accessories to the exterior of the tripod. Leg strength: Ergonomics for greater maneuverability
  • Leg resistance to the test without falls on the legs at the time of opening at 1 m and 1.50 m.
  • Certified according to the latest requirements of EN 795: 2012 Class B (CN / TS 16415)
  • Fixing system according to EN795: 2012 B
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