Bipolar Controller


Unlike unipolar detectors, bipolar detectors can see the potential difference between any two points in an installation. Designed, in principle, for the detection of conductors of the same phase, these devices can also be used in bipolar detection and high voltage fuse checking operations. They can be used as:

  • Potential difference detector.
  • Relationship between phases.
  • Fuse checker.
  • Service voltages: 5 - 36 kV.
  • Maximum distance of use: 2.0 m, using antenna extenders w / 0.62 m each.
  • Complete with case.
  • Replacement antennas with 0.62 m.
  • Antenna extensions.
  • Auxiliary element with 2.87 m cable.
  • Operation checker equal to that used for unipolar detectors.
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