Maintenance Kit 20 Liters

Maintenance Kit


  • 2x socks
  • 20x Pillows
  • Bag with radio
  • Yellow disposable bag
  • Bag with handle
  • Instruction booklet and contents
  • An economical spill response kit that is easy to carry and small enough to place behind the seat of a vehicle. The black maintenance pads have coverstocks that hold them together, even when saturated. The socks have double seams for maximum fluid retention.
  • These gray colored products absorb all types of industrial liquids, including oil and water based spills. Ideal for use in industrial situations where many different liquids are present at the same time.
  • We present a new range of spill control products that efficiently manage any hazardous industrial liquid. These products are now required to comply with health and safety regulations and are your first line of defense against a variety of spills.

  • BS 7959-1
  • BS 7959-3
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