Emergency Wall Shower With Valve And Eye Wash

Emergency Wall

  • Combined emergency shower and eye wash station. Ensures quick and safe washing in case of accidental contact with acids or corrosive chemicals.
  • Shower activation using a rigid handle.
  • Eye wash powered by pedal or lever.
  • Sprinklers 25 cm in diameter that guarantee the flow of water.
  • The station is connected to a source of running water, capable of supplying the flow when all components operate simultaneously.
  • Provides 76 L of water per minute.
  • Extensive water flow area: 50 cm in the center and 150 cm at the ends.
  • The valve is activated in a second.
  • Easily located, accessible activator and at a height never exceeding 175 cm.
  • Water sprinklers are protected from air pollution.
  • The station is connected to a constant water supply of 11 liters per minute.
  • Eye wash: 29 cm diameter. ABS basin.
  • Galvanized steel pipes and fittings, pipes covered with anticorrosive polyethylene.
  • Complies with EN 15154-1 and EN 15154-2.
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