OPERATION Protective Gloves (Pack of 100)


Size :
Colour :

Disposable gloves made of latex AQL 1.5 with textured finish.


⚠️ Double chlorinated interior.

⚠️ Textured finish for better grip.

⚠️ Disposable natural latex gloves for specialized use.


⚠️ It is classified as PPE Cat. III with FoodSafe, EN 374-1 and EN 374-5 standards.

⚠️ The product is designed and manufactured to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and subsequent amendments.

Recommended for:

⚠️ Automotive. 

⚠️ Food industry.

⚠️ Assembly processes.

⚠️ Cleaning companies.

⚠️ Laboratory activities.

⚠️ Pharmaceutical industries.

⚠️ Hospitals and the medical sector.

Important Information:

⚠️ Once you become aware of damage, you must replace it immediately. 

⚠️ Make sure the garment is in good condition, undamaged and clean before use.

Storage and cleaning:

⚠️ Keep the gloves in a dry place away from heat sources.

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