Industrial Kit FP63
  • Industrial Kit FP63

Industrial Kit FP63

Includes 2-point harness, Anti-Fall Block with Steel Rope, Single Lanyard with Carabiner, Scaffolding Hook, Carabiner and Nylon Bag with Lanyard ideal for work at height.

Industrial Kit FP63

Industrial Kit

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Fall Protection

Fall Protection is put in place to prevent the risks associated with falls from height by reducing the force of impact and preventing collision with obstacle/floor and by protecting users from areas with fall hazards. Portwest offers a full range of fall protection products.


It includes:

⚠️ 2-Point Harness;

⚠️ 2-Point Harness;

⚠️ Fall Protection Block with Steel Rope;

⚠️ Single Cord with Carabiner and Scaffold Hook;

⚠️ Nylon Bag with Cord;

⚠️ Mosquestão.

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