Wader Administrator Chest
  • Wader Administrator Chest

Wader Administrator Chest

This Administrator Wader model is ideal for water activities. 

Wader Administrator Chest


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⚠️ This boot has been specially developed for use in fishing activity.

⚠️ The Administrator Wader Peitilho model is a boot made of mesh and polyester, coated in PVC with a thickness of 0.88mm and textile sock.

⚠️ The Administrator Wader Peitilho Boot has adjustable braces with snap closure, is reinforced at the knees, has a non-slip sole and is 100% waterproof.



⚠️ It is developed in accordance with EN ISO 20347 O4+CI+SRC standards for the PU version, and EN ISO 20347 OB+SRA or SRC according to the model, for the PVC version. 


Cleaning Instructions:

⚠️ Store in a well-ventilated and dry place.

⚠️ Careful and regular cleaning increases the durability of your boots.

⚠️ Clean your boots regularly, after each use, with water and detergent using a soft brush.

⚠️ Rinse with plenty of water and allow to dry thoroughly at room temperature and in the shade.

⚠️ When replacing the insole you must ensure that you are using an insole that is the same as the original.

⚠️ Regular cleaning and replacement of the insole, when used, is also important to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

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