RedPro S3 Safety Shoe
  • RedPro S3 Safety Shoe

RedPro S3 Safety Shoe

RedPro S3 is a leather safety shoe, ideal for industry and construction. 

RedPro S3 Safety Shoe

RedPro S3

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⚠️ The insole is removable for easy cleaning and has anti-static features.

⚠️ The textile interior allows the foot to breathe, increasing comfort for the wearer.

⚠️ The polyurethane sole is anti-static, non-slip and flexible for safety and comfort.

⚠️ The RedPro 3S boot is a metal free model, with a polycarbonate toecap and kevlar insole.

⚠️ RedPro 3S is an all leather embossed safety boot with excellent resistance to water, oils, grease and chemicals.



⚠️ RedPro 3S boot is certified to EN ISO 20345: 2011 S3 + SRC.


Cleaning Instructions:

⚠️ Do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents.

⚠️ Clean your footwear regularly with suitable products.

⚠️ Shoes should be stored properly, preferably in a ventilated and dry space.

⚠️ After each cleaning, dry your footwear at room temperature and in the shade.

⚠️ Regular cleaning and replacement of the insole is also important to prevent the growth of bacteria.

⚠️ When replacing the insole you must ensure that you are using an insole that is the same as the original. 

⚠️ The use of heat sources to accelerate the drying of shoes damages their flexibility and impairs the quality of the materials.

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