Endurance Glowtex Helmet White PG54

The Portwest Head PPE line applies the standards latest technologies to offer the highest level of protection. Comfortable and light, the PPE line guarantees a pleasant wear, even for long periods of use. Your security is ours mission.


Sturdy helmet with 6 point textile harness and adjustable roller (size 56-63cm). The ABS hull is made with a special additive photoluminescent color, which accumulates light in well-lit places and releases the glowing effect in very or low conditions without light - that is, it glows in the dark. Sold with a 4-point chinstrap.


  • Electrical insulation up to 1000Vac or 1500Vdc (EN 50365)
  • Lateral deformation
  • Textile suspension harness
  • Adjustment roller for easy assembly
  • 7 years shelf life from manufacturing data produced in the product's instructions for use
  • 4-point Francallet included
  • Compatible with PW47 and PS47 dampers
  • Compatible accessories available
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