Urban bollard

Urban multi-purpose bollard made of solid rubber.

Urban bollard

Model :

Multi-purpose urban pylon in solid rubber that absorbs pressure or impact without damaging both the vehicle and the pylon itself. Its flexibility makes it much safer and more resistant compared to the metal bollards that are placed on the ground.

Tensile strength ≥ 4,0  MPa  ISO 37 
Toughness ≥75  ˚ShA  ISO 868 
Tolerance dimension - diameter ±5 mm of nominal
Tolerance dimension - height ±5 mm of nominal


Vulcanized rubber marked with reflective tape 3M


- Product packed in cardboard on euro pallet.

- The description of the card has the product name, quantity, part number, date of packaging.

- Possible to request another packaging method


The multi-purpose urban pillar must be stored on pallets with a plastic cover and protected from the weather. Prolonged storage is only possible in a closed and ventilated environment, after removing the protective film.

Storage temperature: max. 40 ° C


The conditions of storage and use of the multi-purpose urban pillar must meet all requirements for the storage and use of rubber materials.


Made of solid rubber
Very high resistance and hardness.
Does not rust
There are no filings that can cut people
It is not a folding pin.
When the car hits the pin, the car feels the impact. The advantage is that it does not damage the car and does not damage the pin. (an iron pin would have to be replaced.)
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