Glue Tube 300ML SINALUX
  • Glue Tube 300ML SINALUX

Glue Tube 300ML SINALUX

Sinalux glue is the ideal glue for fixing Sinalux signs on a variety of surfaces, including very uneven surfaces.

Glue Tube 300ML SINALUX

Glue Tube 300ML


- High adherence capacity that prevents any slip in the first seconds;

- High temperature resistance (-40º / + 100º);

- White color;

- After disarming the pistol, the product does not run;

- High fluidity, which allows easy application (extrusion);

- Allows the bonding of signs of all dimensions.

Application mode

The most effective method for good and quick fixing of signs is to apply a continuous and uniform bead of glue along the contour of the sign, 1 cm from the ends so as not to overflow and crush it against the wall, displacing it slightly so that all the glue is well spread.

Each tube of glue is provided with a cap for the tip in order to avoid drying the glue from one application to the next.

300 ml cartridge.

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